Our Mission

For years, the epidemic of obesity and accompanying health issues has spread because of the lack of recognition and understanding of the core cause of it all: poor microbiome health. Born from breakthrough medical science, viiota was created to educate and guide people struggling with weight loss—restoring the connection between their microbiome health and overall health. 

Co-founded by Dr. Raphael Kellman, a leader in the revolutionary field of Microbiome Medicine, viiota is shaped by his paradigm-shifting research and unending compassion, resulting in a medically proven, holistic, and empathetic program.

With a mission to empower patients through a vital understanding of the microbiome—our inner force of life—we are helping people lose weight and thrive on wellness by respecting and listening to their gut.

viiota Core Values
Core Values

At Our Core,
We Are...

Rooted in Science

As doctors and researchers, we seek truth above all and only develop and offer completely proven solutions to our patients.


We understand the challenges that come with weight loss and the way the struggle affects you and your whole life.

Patient Focused

We care for people on a personal level, taking individual interest and commitment to each person we care for.


We believe education about your body empowers you to take control of your health, so we’re making the secrets to weight loss and wellness widely available.

Why Choose viiota?

The most holistic, microbiome-first guide to wellness and weight loss, viiota works to restore hope for those struggling to lose weight and reconcile with their own biology. Bigger than any diet, this is a life-changing solution that isn’t just marked by numbers on a scale, but a feeling of long-lasting wellness inside and out.

Holistic Approach
and Support

There are so many holes in traditional weight loss programs that make it difficult to succeed. At viiota, we approach weight loss with a holistic plan of action that offers you a 360-degree plan of support. We understand that medicines, supplements, eating, exercise, sleep, and mental health all play a role in the process and need to be thought through. So on top of our all-encompassing plan, we connect you with doctors, nutritionists, and coaches to make sure you receive guidance and genuine support from every angle.

Personalized in
Every Way

Our microbiomes are made of trillions of bacteria whose balance defines our health. However, while the signs of an unbalanced and unhealthy microbiome are the same, each of our microbiomes, at its healthiest, is completely unique. That's why the efficacy of viiota hinges on the process of self-discovery and personalization. Working one-on-one with you, we eliminate unhealthy and inflammatory foods and add microbiome health-boosting foods to a personalized diet. Then we go a step further, building exercise plans and providing understanding and insight into your unique challenges along the way.

Healthy Ever

While the medicinal component of our program jump-starts weight loss and helps you get through the most challenging part of the journey, we know that transitioning to a completely natural path is the true long-term solution. So, with education, support, and positivity, we help people overcome fears of weight rebound, wean off medications, and build sustainable lifestyles around healthy eating, exercising, and mindset. With greater choices shaping their lives and an overall feeling of positivity growing from the inside, we help people go happily forward into a future of greater health and overall wellness.

The Medical Professionals
Behind viiota

Raphael Kellman

Raphael Kellman

Raphael Kellman, MD, is a specialist and pioneer of the groundbreaking new brand of medicine and healing called Microbiome Medicine. After beginning his career at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine studying functional medicine, he sought to diagnose and treat patients with some of the least understood ailments, such as thyroid disease, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and, of course, obesity. 

Approaching each case from a fundamental understanding of nature’s interconnected systems, Dr. Kellman learned how to treat patients from the place that connects them all—the microbiome. Proving through thousands of cases, tens of published studies, and several highly praised books, there is a way to treat the underlying cause of any health issue in the most natural and synergistic way ever to be seen.

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Charles Kaplan

Charles Kaplan

Charles Kaplan, MD, co-founder of viiota, is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A proponent of noninvasive and natural approaches to medicine, he is an advocate of the emerging practice of Microbiome Medicine. 

He earned his medical degree from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, completing his residency at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York. He maintains a position as a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Kaplan started a private practice in 1992 and was one of the first physical medicine physicians to employ a nutritionist and recommend an anti-inflammatory diet. Dr. Kaplan has also explored and practiced diverse branches of alternative medicine, such as osteopathic manual therapy, acupuncture, and Ericksonian hypnosis. He is a staunch advocate of Somato Emotional Release® work and underscores the profound connection between the mind and the body.

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Lauren Pelehach Sepe

Lauren Pelehach Sepe

Lauren Pelehach Sepe is a clinical nutritionist with a strong focus on functional medicine and a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. A diligent academic, Pelehach Sepe holds a BS from the College of William & Mary, an MS in nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and an MS from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Additionally, she has pursued certifications as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and as a Mind Body Eating Coach at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado.

Bringing a wealth of perspectives and knowledge, Lauren is an integral member of the Kellman Wellness Center in New York City, working alongside Dr. Kellman to deliver a comprehensive treatment approach to their patients.

With her diverse educational background, clinical experience, and holistic perspective, Lauren Pelehach Sepe strives to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

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